Monday, June 27, 2011

Moving Blues and True Blood Season 4 Premiere

Hello, world!!!! I'm not too happy at the moment, can't really sleep. I just grabbed the last NAKED Strawberry Banana smoothie from the refrigerator, those things are addicting and delicious! Lol. 

I'm glad I'm able to find some silliness in that. This whole move has become extremely hard and complicated for me. I've had to give away some of my stuffed animals and clothes. Although, it is always good to do a cleaning to get rid of things you're no longer using. Regardless, it's still been hard.  we're moving into my other uncle's trailer. I CAN NOT LIVE IN A TRAILER!!!!

I don't know what to do, I keep thinking that somehow this is all in my head (even though I obviously know it's not). I'm practically numb and I'm trying my best to properly function. I have no idea WHY MY FATHER IS DOING THIS TO HIS ONLY CHILD, but he is being stubborn and making this extremely difficult. He resents me because I am deeply flawed and not the fabricated facade he wants me to be. It's his loss, but he shouldn't make me suffer like he's doing.

It's also been intricate to finish packing. In the past year (excluding my uncle and my mom's friend) only 3 of my friends came to help me pack, while I've begged countless others. People are SO selfish. Nobody will take anything, and we already have 2 storages. My own grandparents and aunt refused to help me, my grandmother even lied and said she's not allowed overnight guests, which is why I couldn't sleep on her couch. If you live in a HomeOwner's Association community, you're not allowed to have overnight guests longer than 2 WEEKS, not being allowed to stay overnight is ridiculous! My grandma also said we didn't need a dog. THERE'S NO WAY IN HELL I'M EVER GETTING RID OF MY JAGGY BOO! He's been a little miracle to my mom and I, and ever since Dino was put down, he's been really depressed.  My aunt (who is the only one who has contact with me in my dad's family) couldn't take anything because her and my uncle are remodeling their bathrooms and are storing things in their garage (What a coincidence, my dad is currently remodeling his entire house as well). She then went on to tell me about prioritizing and making lists. She's right, but I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THAT, IT'S NOT WHAT I WANT OR NEED TO HEAR!!!! HELLO, I'M GONNA BE HOMELESS AND YOU COULDN'T CARE AT ALL!!!! Neither one of them even offered me money, and believe me, they're loaded. I feel so alone, nobody has offered us anything, after all we've done, they just want to criticize my mother. I know I have to be strong for her and that we need to stick together as a team. I will continue trying.

On a lighter note, True Blood FINALLY returned after a 9 month hiatus with the Season 4 Premiere. It kicked Season 3 Premiere's ass! Lol. I was really surprised how Fairy Land quickly turned into The Hills Have Eyes II. I'm still in shock that Sookie was actually missing for a year, and the other changes that occurred. Bill is the KING of Louisana?? Maxine adopted TOMMY who lived despite Sam shooting him?? Sam's in anger management and apparently a swinger?? Jason's a cop and Andy is addicted to V?? Bill and Sophie?? Eric buying Sookie's house?? Arlene's baby being evil and taking heads off of Barbie dolls?? TARA BEING A LESBIAN?? That one was a shocker. I also couldn't help but giggle over Lafayette's hair. He's gotta be one of my favorite characters. This show is fabulous, it definitely takes liberties by far, it's FABULOUS. Except for the actress that portrayed Crystal (She was ABSOLUTELY DREADFUL!!!), every actor on that show is fantastic. It's so inspiring to me and my acting :)

I haven't read any of the books, but from what I've heard and read they follow the show very close to the books. My twinnie Amy just finished the 4th book. I need to finish the 5th Volume of The Vampire Diaries so I can start on the 6th and 7th!!! I'm feeling sleepy, so I'm gonna nod off while watching Picture Perfect.  It's a cute little movie. I've been told I look a little like Jennifer Aniston... Hahaha anyways, before I go. I have to add that I just saw the other 3 promos for True Blood Season 4, and they are STUNNING!!!!  I've posted them below. They are all incredibly awesome, but I love the 4th one :P

Enjoy and until next time, ciao! Good Night Moon, Good Night World!
<3 Elana Jade Rebel

Ravishing 4 Red
From Left to Right: Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard), Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer), Alcide Herveaux (Joe Manganiello), and Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin)

3 in White Wonderland
From Bottom to Top: Lafayette Reynolds (Nelsan Ellis), Tara Thornton (Rutina Wesley), and Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell)

From Left to Right: Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten), Pamela "Pam" Swynford  De Beaufort (Kristin Bauer), and Jessica Hamby (Deborah Ann Woll)


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Precious, 21ST BIRTHDAY PARTY Herve Leger Dress+ Christian Louboutin Shoes, Mommy, and my ex-boyfriend.

Hello, world! Here I am again, NocturnELLE, another sleepless night. I just got done watching Baby Mama, it's pretty funny, except that's not what I'm blogging about right now. I'm blogging about the film Precious, this Herve Leger dress and pair of Christian Louboutins that I would KILL to have for my 21st Birthday, my mommy, and my ex boyfriend that I can't get off my mind. 

Starting off with Precious: I had been dying to see this movie ever since I saw the first trailer. I could tell by the trailer that it was going to be a heartfelt story, and WOW. In the midst of all the comic book movies and unneeded sequels/prequels that are made today, what a beautifully compelling and intense film. The acting was very, very well done. Gabourey Sidibe was simply fantastic, her performance reached out to make the viewer feel her pain, and Mo'Nique surely deserved and rightfully won her Academy Award for her portrayal of a cruelly abusive mother. This movie chronicles the hardships Precious has gone through and how she was able to gain her independence and find her voice, similar to The King's Speech, another movie about one finding their own voice and overcoming obstacles that life brings our way, whether it be having a speech impediment or being illiterate from a broken home. This movie should inspire us all to stay hopeful and strong when surrounded by misfortune or chaos, and that there is something precious within all of us.

Now, onto the fashion! A few weeks ago, my mom told me she found this incredible dress on the Saks Fifth Avenue website. I wasn't with her when I found it, but I knew which one it was right away. It's a gorgeous metallic Herve Leger bandage dress that is utterly fabulous beyond belief. She later found a pair of glittered Christian Louboutins. I've attached pictures of both below. I would really LOVE to wear these for my 21st birthday party (which if anybody has any planning tips or suggestions, let me know :D)

 I do love Christian Louboutin and Herve Leger, my lists of both of them are available on my Fashiolista page. I'm sure I'll get these someday, I just wish it was now. My mother was a victim of a Ponzi scheme and we lost our house and all of our money, it's been very depressing, so things like Christian Louboutin shoes and Herve Leger dresses are far off into the future. What matters is that despite my mother thinking she let me down and failed as a mother, she really is the best mother in the whole wide world, who has stuck by my side no matter what. I love you, Mommy!!! I've attached 2 pix of us, one from when I was almost a year old and the second one from my 19th Birthday Dinner at Club 33 at Disneyland last year

Last but not least, to close this blog out, is my ex-boyfriend. Taylor (or as I renamed him, "Sam Chase" was my first grown-up relationship and my first love, and now one of my best friends. He was sweet, funny, happy-go-lucky kind of guy who was crazy about me... Despite this, he was kind of a loser. He was working a minimum wage job as a valet driver, living in a guest house at his parents (that I didn't mind), and was a pot-head. He was kind of headed in no direction, so when his fugly ex-girlfriend offered him a job where she lives in Bondi Beach, Australia, he jumped on it. Minimum wage is $16 an hour there, and now he's down there working as a valet and making double what he made here. How moronic to fly halfway across the world to work the same job he was working here. The only reason why wages are higher is because it costs more to live there. T had a traveler's visa to let him live and work in Australia for a year that was going to expire at the end of April, so he had to go. We had a pretty rocky but loving relationship, I must have broken up with him 10-15 times. When he told me he was leaving, I told him "I don't do long distance, it's over. We can stay together until you leave." which is what we did, and I really didn't want to say good bye. I did everything I could to prevent him from leaving, but he did anyway. We parted as best friends though, which is good, but we still love each other very much. His ex girlfriend that he's living with talked s**t about me to him behind my back and has to comment on something every time I write on his status or pictures on Facebook. Apparently, she supposedly thinks I'm immature also, look at the pot calling the kettle black. She thinks I act like a teenager, but the age difference between me and a 15 year old is only 5 YEARS, THE AGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HER AND A 15 YEAR OLD IS 21 YEARS. AND SHE HAS A KID AND IS ACTING LIKE THIS, AND A NEW BOYFRIEND! I CAN'T STAND THAT HE'S STAYING WITH HER, SHE LURED HIM DOWN THERE UNDER FALSE PRETENSES THAT HE WOULD BE WORKING FOR HER, BUT HE DIDN'T GET ANYTHING UNTIL 2 MONTHS AFTER HE GOT THERE. IDK WHY BUT I MISS HIM SO MUCH! When I wasn't annoyed with him, I adored him and he adored me, even though the majority of people in my life told me to dump him. One of the times I tried to dump him, I said "I know you're not going to be the one I end up with, but I can't picture you with anybody else but me." and started crying and he felt the same. I almost felt whole with him, I just want him back. I constantly contradict myself, because I also love being single and have been getting lots of male attention. Here's one of the only pictures I have with T. I'm going to try to get some sleep. Good Night Moon, and until next time, ciao! <3 Elana Jade Rebel "NocturnELLE"

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Before These Stars Were Discovered By The Rest Of The World, I FOUND THEM LONG BEFORE ANYBODY!!!! ;)

Hello, world! It was 3:38 AM PST when I started writing this post, and now it's 4:30 PST. (I noticed I have a tendency to blog very late in the morning), making me NocturnElle :) I LOVE IT! IT WILL BE MY SUPERHERO NAME! NOBODY TAKE IT! Lol :P and speaking of superheroes, The Green Lantern will be releasing in theaters on Friday. Reviews have been poor, but one of the redeeming qualities is that it is in 3D, like every other movie today... SHOCKER! That and the comic book nerds will be lining up around the block, but the MAIN reason why this movie will sell is because of the eye candy, Ryan Reynolds. (For the guys it's Blake Lively, but this post isn't about her despite her fantastic fashion sense. Sorry, Blake :/, plus, I think her and Ryan aren't the best pairing)

Oh, Ryan Reynolds. Just typing this sentence about the stunningly handsome gorgeous hottie hottie hottie SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!!!!!!!!! is making me drool. My mom and I wrote letters to People Magazine FOR YEARS to make him their Sexiest Man Alive, and in 2010 we finally got our wish. I first found Ryan in such hits as Buying The Cow and Van Wilder, but my mom discovered him LONG before that. He is not only incredible to stare at, but he is a very talented actor. Which is why ever since The Proposal and now The Green Lantern, I hear people walking around saying "Ryan Reynolds, I love that guy!" or "Ryan Reynolds is GOD." ALL A BUNCH OF POSERS THAT ARE DOCILE AND FOLLOW THE NEW TRENDS!!!! My mother and I will always be the ORIGINAL Ryan Reynolds fans. 

Ryan Reynolds is not the only one I found. Among the list of hotties is Garrett Hedlund, Ian Somerhalder, Bradley Cooper, Josh Duhamel, and Collin Eggsfield. I've been following Garrett's career since Friday Night Lights and Four Brothers, I've had a crush on him for SIX YEARS. WOW. Lol and now ever since TRON: LEGACY everybody knows who he is now. I'm his biggest fan, I've seen every single one of his movies, I saw most of them on their Opening Day and /or Opening Weekend, I also have most of them on DVD.I remember my freshman year of high school, I had pictures of Garrett plastered all over my binder, with the first picture posted below being the center piece. My classmates not only noticed, but so did my teachers. Both my English and Photography teacher asked me who he was when they walked down the aisle of the classroom and stopped in their tracks once approaching my seat, being distracted by the hotness. I said "That's Garrett Hedlund, he's the star of tomorrow!" AND I WAS RIGHT! He is gorgeous, talented, and seems pretty humble as well as being EXTREMELY DETERMINED. My mom found him with me also, when we saw Four Brothers and he got out of the shower! Hahahaha I remember that part in the movie theater I was like "WOOT WOOT!"!!!! Hahahaha. Here's a fun interesting fact: My mom saw him on Jimmy Kimmel and said that it took 2 hours for them to get the latex suit on for TRON: LEGACY. WOW. Did they pull it up an inch a minute? Hahaha jkjk but what patience! 

I found Ian in Rules of Attraction, dancing to "Faith" by George Michael, and Bradley in Sex And The City, Wedding Crashers, and Failure To Launch. My mom and I also found both Collin Eggsfield and Josh Duhamel when they were both on All My Children, same with Cameron Mathison. I had the pleasure of meeting Josh Duhamel- YES, I SAID MEET! I MET HIM! He was the nicest guy around! He gave me a hug and shook my hand and said he hoped to meet me again one day in Tinsel Town. :D *SQUEAL*

I've posted pictures of these yummy and talented men (Believe it or not, I still have the original copy of the first picture posted on here of Bradley and Josh from when they were in People Magazine years ago!). I hope I get to co-star, kiss, and marry all or one of them some day... hahaha. Rate and comment which one you think is the hottest and would look the best with me! Until next time, ciao!!!! 

<3 Elana Jade Rebel, aka "NocturnElle"

                                             Ryan Reynolds

                                            Garrett Hedlund

                                               Ian Somerhalder

                                           Bradley Cooper

                                          Collin Eggsfield

                                              Josh Duhamel

Monday, June 6, 2011

Pippa Middleton's Royal Wedding Dress + OOAK Royal Wedding dolls

Hello, world! It is 3:26 a.m. in California right now, and at this particular moment there are a number of things on my mind: The Middleton Sister's dresses at the Royal Wedding, amongst others. So, I shall begin!!

On April 29th, 2011, the entire world was glued to their television sets to witness history in the making: Not only was there to be a new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appointed (as well as there also being a future king and queen, William is 2nd in line of succession to the throne), the beloved and always remembered Princess Diana's first born was getting married, once again making history. Such a lovely woman she was, Princess Diana, and how I cried wishing she could have been at the wedding. Except nobody was really paying attention to the 1900+ guests or the fact that the wedding in total ended up costing $2.9 billion, all the attention was fixated on Catherine Middleton's wedding dress. Since little to no details were in fact revealed before the big day, the universe wondered what she would possibly pick, anxiously anticipating the big day. 3:30 in the morning PST quickly arrived, as I raced up the stairs to awaken my sound-asleep mother. Barely awake, she asked "Who is that?" There, we saw a vision in loveliness gracing our television screen: A very cool, gorgeous satin ivory dress, with little finishes of lace on the cap sleeves and decolltege, followed by a finish of white satin buttons in the back that went down the spine. This was not the Duchess of Cambridge, but none other than her darling little sister, Phillipa "Pippa" Middleton. With her beautiful body and dazzling smile, she was stunning as she graced the red carpet down into St. Abbey's Cathedral. She only further complimented the dress with white Jimmy Choo sandals, floral diamond earring studs (personally designed by Mama Middleton), and lily of the valley flowers decorating her chestnut brown hair. Kate's dress, on the other hand, was nothing I would stop and say "WOW!" to... It was somewhat of a mess. Here is EXACTLY what it was: It was 2 different parts of 2 completely different dresses, mixed and matched. The lace on the top, the sweetheart neckline, the whole thing was a disaster. Plus, for somebody who is very pretty like Kate, she looked horrible. She insisted on doing her own hair and make up, she looked like she just got done running a marathon to St. Abbey's. Overall, she was one of the plainest looking brides my mother and I have ever seen, It seemed like everybody and their sister had to write glowing status updates about it on Facebook within the hour. Of course, nobody is going to want to insult the new Duchess, which is why anybody who liked the dress is a docile, carbon-copied cliche of society. Although both of the Middleton's dresses were designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, PIPPA'S DRESS REALLY DID STEAL THE SHOW, AND PRETTY SOON, THE WHOLE WORLD CAUGHT ON, TOO. EVEN WITH PEOPLE MAGAZINE CALLING HER "The sizzling knockout who stole the show." A close friend of mine told me that Pippa's dress was in fact Kate's original pick and was the first dress she tried on. GUESS YOU SHOULD HAVE GONE WITH THAT ONE, KATE! I know that the Duchess is simple when it comes to style, but THIS IS THE ROYAL WEDDING, LOVE! GO ALL OUT!

                                                     "THE DRESS THAT STOLE THE SHOW"

Pippa continued to wow the crowd once at the Royal Reception following the wedding in a sleeveless emerald green dress with a plunging neckline by Alice Temperley with a jewel finish in the middle. actually liked Kate's dress this time around, and she actually improved on her hair and make up. She was a lovely duchess of a winter-wonderland. Once again designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, I also couldn't help but get a "White Riding Hood" feel from it?


Dakota'ssong, a very popular OOAK (One Of A Kind) doll making team of sisters Christine and Nikki, made replicas of all the dolls except for Pippa's reception dress. Quite frankly, the Kate doll looks MUCH better than the actual Kate did at the wedding. The girls do stunning work and can make virtually any doll upon request. I've posted some pictures below. I'm going to try to get some sleep so I can put an end to being nocturnal. Until next time, ciao!!!!

<3 Elana Jade Rebel

I also forgot to mention Kate's engagement party dress. I found this to be a nice dress with a brilliant blue color. There is also a doll that follows

(Kate Middleton Royal Engagement Party OOAK Doll)

                              (Version 1 of Princess Kate and Prince William Royal Wedding OOAK Dolls)

                  (Version 2 of Duchess Kate and Duke William of Cambridge Royal Wedding OOAK Dolls)

(Pippa Middleton Royal Wedding OOAK Doll; The real dress is better!)

(Grace Van Custem, Royal Wedding Flower Girl and Godchild of Prince William OOAK Doll)

                                                   (Prince Harry Royal Wedding OOAK Doll)
                                                             (Victoria Beckham Royal Wedding OOAK Doll)

                                                         (Kate Middleton Royal Wedding Reception OOAK Doll)