Thursday, June 16, 2011

Before These Stars Were Discovered By The Rest Of The World, I FOUND THEM LONG BEFORE ANYBODY!!!! ;)

Hello, world! It was 3:38 AM PST when I started writing this post, and now it's 4:30 PST. (I noticed I have a tendency to blog very late in the morning), making me NocturnElle :) I LOVE IT! IT WILL BE MY SUPERHERO NAME! NOBODY TAKE IT! Lol :P and speaking of superheroes, The Green Lantern will be releasing in theaters on Friday. Reviews have been poor, but one of the redeeming qualities is that it is in 3D, like every other movie today... SHOCKER! That and the comic book nerds will be lining up around the block, but the MAIN reason why this movie will sell is because of the eye candy, Ryan Reynolds. (For the guys it's Blake Lively, but this post isn't about her despite her fantastic fashion sense. Sorry, Blake :/, plus, I think her and Ryan aren't the best pairing)

Oh, Ryan Reynolds. Just typing this sentence about the stunningly handsome gorgeous hottie hottie hottie SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!!!!!!!!! is making me drool. My mom and I wrote letters to People Magazine FOR YEARS to make him their Sexiest Man Alive, and in 2010 we finally got our wish. I first found Ryan in such hits as Buying The Cow and Van Wilder, but my mom discovered him LONG before that. He is not only incredible to stare at, but he is a very talented actor. Which is why ever since The Proposal and now The Green Lantern, I hear people walking around saying "Ryan Reynolds, I love that guy!" or "Ryan Reynolds is GOD." ALL A BUNCH OF POSERS THAT ARE DOCILE AND FOLLOW THE NEW TRENDS!!!! My mother and I will always be the ORIGINAL Ryan Reynolds fans. 

Ryan Reynolds is not the only one I found. Among the list of hotties is Garrett Hedlund, Ian Somerhalder, Bradley Cooper, Josh Duhamel, and Collin Eggsfield. I've been following Garrett's career since Friday Night Lights and Four Brothers, I've had a crush on him for SIX YEARS. WOW. Lol and now ever since TRON: LEGACY everybody knows who he is now. I'm his biggest fan, I've seen every single one of his movies, I saw most of them on their Opening Day and /or Opening Weekend, I also have most of them on DVD.I remember my freshman year of high school, I had pictures of Garrett plastered all over my binder, with the first picture posted below being the center piece. My classmates not only noticed, but so did my teachers. Both my English and Photography teacher asked me who he was when they walked down the aisle of the classroom and stopped in their tracks once approaching my seat, being distracted by the hotness. I said "That's Garrett Hedlund, he's the star of tomorrow!" AND I WAS RIGHT! He is gorgeous, talented, and seems pretty humble as well as being EXTREMELY DETERMINED. My mom found him with me also, when we saw Four Brothers and he got out of the shower! Hahahaha I remember that part in the movie theater I was like "WOOT WOOT!"!!!! Hahahaha. Here's a fun interesting fact: My mom saw him on Jimmy Kimmel and said that it took 2 hours for them to get the latex suit on for TRON: LEGACY. WOW. Did they pull it up an inch a minute? Hahaha jkjk but what patience! 

I found Ian in Rules of Attraction, dancing to "Faith" by George Michael, and Bradley in Sex And The City, Wedding Crashers, and Failure To Launch. My mom and I also found both Collin Eggsfield and Josh Duhamel when they were both on All My Children, same with Cameron Mathison. I had the pleasure of meeting Josh Duhamel- YES, I SAID MEET! I MET HIM! He was the nicest guy around! He gave me a hug and shook my hand and said he hoped to meet me again one day in Tinsel Town. :D *SQUEAL*

I've posted pictures of these yummy and talented men (Believe it or not, I still have the original copy of the first picture posted on here of Bradley and Josh from when they were in People Magazine years ago!). I hope I get to co-star, kiss, and marry all or one of them some day... hahaha. Rate and comment which one you think is the hottest and would look the best with me! Until next time, ciao!!!! 

<3 Elana Jade Rebel, aka "NocturnElle"

                                             Ryan Reynolds

                                            Garrett Hedlund

                                               Ian Somerhalder

                                           Bradley Cooper

                                          Collin Eggsfield

                                              Josh Duhamel


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  2. Uau, Bradley, absolutely the best
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  3. Wow.... Hot guys... I have always loved the the tale U have on Ur background... Lovely, I am following Ur Blog... Kisses, Gina

  4. i'm from greece!so i'm veryyy far away from you:/
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  5. Oh gosh! I so like this post haha I have to admit I didnt know Collin Eggsfield but! ;) Nice post xoxo

  6. Thanks everybody, your comments are so sweet! Collin Eggsfield is a babe ;) but WHICH ONE IS THE BEST FOR ME? ;) hehehehe <3

  7. They are all so HOT! - FASION PASSION because we all love to be a little fashion victims! :)