Friday, November 18, 2011


Hello, world! NocturnELLE once again, blogging rather early for myself! Hehe so I'm sorry for the delay on the August Concerts and True Blood Season 4 finale posts, I've been swamped! I don't care HOW belated this is, I'm doing it anyway! I was going to put it all together, but it would have been incredibly long. So, here's the first half of my August Concerts and True Blood Season 4 Finale posts!!!! Enjoy! :D

The concerts were absolutely incredible!!!! Ashley, Dana, Dillon, and I had a blast at Katy Perry! The seats were 5th row behind the mosh pit at Club Nokia, so we were pretty freaking close!!!! We went to eat at this little Mexican restaurant first, and I saw my ex gay best friend Sean walk by. I kind of turned away but Dillon said he saw me. I don't really care because I was having an awesome time. I'm not going to lie, sometimes I do think about Sean and miss him, but I guess that it was time for our friendship to end. It sucks, but it's a part of life, people coming and going. I'm guessing he didn't have the best seats, because when Katy Perry brought people on stage from the mosh pit, I know his pushy little ass would have gotten on there. HAHA! Anyways, Katy Perry puts on a PHENOMENIAL SHOW!!!! Her costumes and sets and dancers were incredible, I was speechless. I started crying a little when she was on the swing singing "Not Like The Movies" and these old fashion cartoons were on the big screen behind her. It made me think of Taylor. I still had a fabulous time, except for when Dillon and I got lost from Ashley and Dana when we were buying my poster after the concert,  we tried to go back inside the lobby and the security guards VERY RUDELY THREW ME OUT! Katy had this incredible peacock outfit for "Peacock" and she brought a boy onstage and kissed him before "I Kissed A Girl" She had actual fireworks for "Firework" and at the end she did "California Gurls" and shot out foam and streamers from a huge ray gun and confetti and all that came down from the ceiling, I took so much of it! Hahaha so did Ashley. I've posted pictures below! I don't know if I ever mentioned this, but I'm also a photographer! I've been doing it for about 13 years and I love it! I am constantly taking pictures and my work is quite popular locally. Let me know what you think :)

                            KATY PERRY AT CLUB NOKIA 08.07.2011

Now on to the BUCKCHERRY concert! I got my stitches out the day of the concert but still had to be on crutches. Then my friend flaked on me and I couldn't find anybody else to take the extra ticket I had, so I was doubting wanting to go or not. My Aunt Deena said she'd go with me and I was glad because we hardly get to hang out. Thanks to my dog bite and Aunt Deena, I was able to get ALL THE WAY to the front when I saw Buckcherry. I made a new friend, too! His name is Ryan and he was with his aunt. At the end of the concert, he actually blocked people away so i could grab the set list off the stage! HA! I still need to tape it back together. Anyways, so I was literally inches away from Josh Todd, and he kept looking at me all night! It was so magical! Like a dream come true. Oh, and Stevie D., the bassist with the SGT. PEPPER logo on his bass, was throwing guitar picks into the audience, AND HE PERSONALLY HANDED ME ONE!!!! I WAS DYING! My grandma bought me a frame for it =) Aunt Deena and I were going to stay afterwards to try and meet the band but we were tired, so we all went to IN-N-OUT =) I've posted pic below, the last one is of me and Ryan (Yeah, I know I look horrible! It was so hot inside!)


I really had such a blast and I definitely needed it. So glad I was finally able to post this first half. Part Two, True Blood Season 4 Finale, will be up soon! Good Night Moon, Good Night World, Until I blog again... ROCK ON!!!!
Elana Jade Rebel <3

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