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Hello, world! NocturnELLE once again, blogging rather early for myself! Hehe so I'm sorry for the delay on the August Concerts and True Blood Season 4 finale posts, I've been swamped! I don't care HOW belated this is, I'm doing it anyway! I was going to put it all together, but it would have been incredibly long. So, here's the second half


FINALLY ON TO TRUE BLOOD! This was definitely the season finale that had True Blood fans all around the world screaming their heads off and sh*tting their pants. With every finale we're left on the edge of our seats as to what will happen in the premiere next season. Except with this finale, we've fallen off our seats onto the floor and in deep anticipation. This next almost year will be crucial. To think I thought this would be boring compared to the episode before this, which was incredible! It's only been about two months and I'm still in shock. It was so sweet in the beginning to see Sookie and Tara eating breakfast together and talking about one day being grandmas sitting on the porch with their grandbabies. It tugged at my heart to see Sam burying Tommy (I was so sad to find that out, IT BROKE MY HEART! It was the first time I think I've ever seen Sam cry), and Maxine Fortenbury walks up and says "He was an evil little son of a bitch!" and "We're family! From now on, you call me MAMA!"! Hahaha who can't help but LOVE HER?!? Good thing Luna and Emma walked up to save the day haha. Luna and Sam are cute together, but she's way too easy and aggressive, and I'd rather see Sam with Tara. I wonder what will happen since Sam is surrounded by werewolves at the end... I'm sure he'll be fine. Sam can totally hold his own, especially after the fight in Merlotte's in Season 3 and just him and Alicide teaming up and kicking some were-ass on Marcus and some of his clan. OK! HAS ANYBODY NOTICE THE WAY THEY SAY ALCIDE'S NAME, ESPECIALLY THE WOMEN?!? THEY SAY IT LIKE "AL-CEED-AH/AL-CEED", AND IT JUST SOUNDS SO DAMN WHIMSICAL AND ROMANTIC, LIKE IT SHOULD BE A DISNEY FAIRY TALE PRINCE! LIKE GASTON! "NO ONE FIGHTS LIKE ALCIDE, NO ONE'S SLICK AS ALCIDE, NO ONE'S QUICK AS ALCIDE, NO ONE'S NECK'S AS INCREDIBLT THICK AS ALCIDE'S!!!!! Hahaha thanks to Amy for doing that :D Here's a picture below of Alcide next to Gaston, but he's not a prince, so maybe Flynn Rider, he's not a prince either though. You get the point... Finally decided on Prince Naveen from The Princess and The Frog, even though Alcide isn't African American, it was the only one to prove my point. Should have used one of the sexy dirty Disney Prince pictures, hahaha! :p

Ever since his arrival, I had a feeling that Jesus was gonna be killed off, and sure enough!!!! It was brutal to watch him being stabbed TWICE. "You can't trade magic like f**king Pokemon cards!" Brilliant last liner, Jesus! Poor Lafayette, finally found love and killed him because he was possessed by Marnie. For the fact that Lafayette is a medium, Jesus will always be with him, as he reminded him at the end "I'm dead, dude. You'll see me again." Hopefully, just not like this, because Jesus is a pretty good looking dude ;)

 I kind of pity Marnie, because who the hell really wants to die?? "THIS F**KING SUCKS!" I'm glad Antonia and Gran convinced her not to kill Bill and Eric. Sookie, Tara, and Holly doing that chant thingy while Eric and Bill were tied up shirtless about to burn. and all the dead spirits coming back was INTENSE!!!! After it was all over,of course I couldn't help but laugh when Tara went running over to Lafayette, shaking him saying "Bitch, talk to me! It felt good to see Gran again, but it broke my heart watching Sookie cry and telling her how she needed her and she kind of just nonchalantly walked away, didn't even hug her. Amy, my twinnie, said that was not the REAL Adelle Stackhouse, more of her spirit. She also pointed out something interesting: The fact that she was in her nightgown that she was murdered in but she wasn't buried in it!!!! Lol. And then Eric had to ruin the moment (kind of)..."Excuse me, but we're a little bit crispy up here." HAHA! 

I was surprised that Deborah Ann Koll, the actress that plays Jessica, finally went semi-nude for the first time in all the 4 seasons she's been on TB! She was one of the only actresses that didn't do nudity, but now that's changed. Btw, for the fans that are b*tching on the Sookiverse app for the iPhone/iPad about how they feel "balltrayed" because Sookie didn't pick either Bill or Eric, SHUT UP! I was actually very proud of Sookie that she made that difficult choice. Despite how much we love somebody, sometimes we just need to be alone for a bit to sort things out, because how can you love somebody else if you don't love yourself? The relationship you have with yourself is very important. This all reminded me of something my mother once told me, that it takes a very strong woman to walk away from a man she loves that professes his love to her back. Well, Sookie walked away from TWO MEN THAT LOVE HER, so I think she is Super Girl. 

The sudden death of Nan Flannagan committed by both Bill and Eric was very surprising. "WE ARE NOT F**KING PUPPY DOGS!!!!!" Hahaha I guess Nan had it coming, she had totally turned into a mega-bitch. 

I wonder if they'll ever mention Andy with the fairy in the woods, it was odd how they kind of just threw that in and then left it out. Him and Holly are so cute together, and her fairy costume rocked! What will happen between Eric and Pam? Btw, I found this awesome picture of her, even though it's a little late!


Don't have the best feeling about Terry's war friend Patrick, and I can't believe that Arlene saw Rene! That one made me scream, and I think they felt like they HAD to pick that up since Baby Mikey was "cured" since Episode 9. Interesting yet OBVIOUS twist that RUSSELL EDGINGTON WAS FREED FROM HIS CEMENT IMPRISONMENT!!!! WE ALL KNEW THAT THE COOLEST AND CRUELEST BAMF VAMPIRE KING OF LOUSIANA WASN'T GOING ANYWHERE AT ALL! Another interesting twist was when Steve Newlin arrived at Jason's door as a vampire!!!! STEVE NEWLIN OF ALL PEOPLE?!?!? VANILLA HAS TURNED INTO RED VELVET, PEEPS! I LOVED the way that he just looks down at Jason's package when he answered the door in the nude! He must be think "HOT DAMN! HOT DOG, HOT DIGGITY DOG!" Lol I hope they don't bring the crazy were-panthers back. TARA CAN NOT BE DEAD!!!!! LIKE WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!??!? WE ALL ALREADY KNEW THAT DEBBIE HAD IT COMING! It didn't help that Debbie looked like she just got done snorting coke backstage at a Motley Crue concert. I felt a tad of sympathy when she begged Sookie, but BITCH YOU BROUGHT IT ON YOURSELF! If Tara dies it will REALLY break my heart. Sookie can not go through something like this, not after all she's been through! 

I'm still adjusting to her being gone for a year when it was only 15 minutes!!!! I wonder what will happen between Sookie and Alcide now that she killed Debbie (Since he half hinted rather awkwardly about being with her). It was self defense though. At this point, I couldn't help myself but to go look up some spoilers ASAP!!!! I know I'm bad, BUT COME ON, GIVE ME THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT! All I will reveal (which I knew a few days ago, but the rest I know now), is that filming started yesterday, November 21st, 2011. Rutina Wesley (Tara Thorton) has signed on for Season 5, so Tara isn't going anywhere THANK GOD, and Jesus will be back also. There will be the introduction of some new vampires and werewolves, including Eric's sired sister and Alcide's parents. URGH! I COULD HAVE PLAYED ONE OF THE VAMPIRES! DAMN! They wanted older people in their mid-late 20's, so Amy would have been perfect :) We'll also be seeing some more of Godric, which is always good because he's a cutie pie ;). If you're reading this, Godric, I'm ready for you to turn me ;) Oh, wait... I forgot... he's dead... and it's not real...

Well, that's all I have to say and will reveal. Personally, this may have been the best season finale ever, and I thought the first 2 were the best. I think now I'll have a True Blood marathon. Good Night Moon, Good Night World, Until I blog again and until the next vampire comes knocking...
Elana Jade Rebel <3

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